Keep it cheap, just replace the sole.

Climbing shoes are constructed with materials to have a long life. The rubber on the sole at the toes however wears quickly and is designed to be replaced periodically to perform optimally. 

Resole your shoes BEFORE there is any rand damage due to the sole being worn thin. This is cheaper and your shoes will be returned to you faster.

Depending on the work required (see below), your shoes should be returned to within 3 to 6 weeks.



These shoes only had the soles replaced.

This will be the cheapest time to resole your shoes.

Sole rubber is generally 3.5mm to 4mm thick. It is common to wear through the sole rubber at the toe tip or inside edge of the shoe.

Rand rubber is the 1.5mm to 2mm thin band of rubber covering your toes on top of the rubber sole. The rubber is sticky but not durable at all.



How to get faster and cheaper resoles:

Avoiding climbing on the rand will reduce the cost of your resoles and your shoes will also be returned to you more quickly.

Climbing on the sole rubber is what climbing shoes are designed to do. Any climbing on the thin rand rubber (where the sole should be) means that the sole rubber has been worn through enough and the shoes are ready to be resoled.​

These shoes may need the rand replaced depending on how thin it is. If the rand rubber is too thin to attach the sole then replacing this will increase the cost of your resole by $30- $40.



No longer just a resole:

Continuing to wear deeper through the inner suede of the shoe means further repairs, stitching and patching, adding more time and expenses to resole your shoes.

No longer just a resole, these shoes need to be repaired.

These shoes required an additional cost of $10 for stitching.



No longer just a resole:

Too damaged, too late, these shoes need to be repaired. 

If there is extensive damage to the upper rand, replacing a full wrap-around rand is possible but yet again more expensive, adding more time, more materials and repair work.

They can be done but you will have to ask yourself whether you want these shoes repaired. 

Climbing shoe resole TC Pro


Prolong the quality of your climbing shoes

Preserve the integrity of your shoes by only climbing on the sole. Get a new sole faster and cheaper.

Have fun climbing,

Sticky Rubber team.

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