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About Us: Welcome

Months into an overseas trip, overlooking the sparkling waters of the Aegean on the island of Kalymnos, we were sitting around a table one evening with good friends. The idea was bantered around and connections were made. From that serendipitous evening, the passion for Sticky Rubber Resoles was born.

We extended our stay which became home where we lived and worked. Together with our mentor we embarked on our apprenticeship, learning and honing our craft from the very best in Europe. 

Focusing on maintaining the structure and lengthening the life of a customers rock shoe, we found other resolers in the region who we also worked with closely, learning the art of restoring a rock climbing shoe to the original factory standard. We learned a great deal from an Official Scarpa and Official La Sportiva Resoler.

As our time in Europe drew to an end, we purchased the machinery and equipment that we used to hone our skills and shipped it off to Australia.

27 years of climbing experience teamed with the experience of running a Diamond Setting workshop was ideal for setting up a rock shoe resoling venture. We are passionate about working with our hands and attention to detail but most importantly, we found a craft we love and we love working together.

Sticky Rubber Resoles came to be. We had imported our cobbling skills and craft into Australia to specialise in the rock climbing shoe industry.

Through multiple countries, contacts and networks, Sticky Rubber Resoles was truly a global idea with an Australian destination.

Originally trained by an Official Scarpa Resoler and an Official La Sportiva Resoler in Europe, we use their techniques and processes.

Sticky Rubber Resoles is an Officially Authorized La Sportiva Resoler in Australia. See "La Sportiva Authorised Resoler" page and video.

Check out this blog by Mountain Equipment about what it means to use an Officially Authorised Resoler. 

Check out the link below:

What it means to be an Officially Authorised Resoler

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