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Climbing Shoe Resole


Shoe Care Tips: Welcome


- Carry your shoes on the outside of your bag when returning home from climbing. Moisture from your hard workout is retained in the suede and leather inner of your rock shoes. Ensure they stay in the fresh air overnight to prevent moisture building and making your next experience on rock or plastic a slippery one on that vital sending hold. In the long term the moisture will degrade the inner fabric prematurely. 

-Send your climbing shoes in to be resoled before climbing on the rand rubber of the shoes.

Climbing on the sole rubber is what climbing shoes are designed to do. Any climbing on the thin rand rubber (where the sole should be) means that the sole rubber has been worn through enough and the shoes are ready to be resoled.​

If the rand needs replacing, the monetary cost to resole your shoes will be higher. It will also take longer to get the shoes back to you because of the extra repair work involved. Not climbing on your rand will allow your shoes be resoled many more times and they will perform at a higher level.

- Try not to belay or walk around in your rock shoes. They are optimally designed for climbing. You don't want them to gather dirt nor do you want them to over stretch. Avoiding both of these will make it easier to stand on that micro foothold needed to avoid that potential fall at the crux.

- Avoid impregating climbing chalk on the sole. Rubber sticks well to other surfaces when it is uncontaminated. Any contamination of the rubber means less than optimal climbing shoe performance. Keep your shoes clean of contaminants including soil, dirt, climbing chalk.

- Keep your shoes out of prolonged direct sunlight and do not store them in the car. The sticky rubber of your rock shoes are held together by heat activated glue. Sunlight, even in winter or being inside a car will elevate the temperature enough to delaminate the rubber on your expensive rock climbing shoes.

- To get the best value and performance from your shoes, store in a cool, dry, adequately ventilated place away from sunlight. 

 Have fun climbing.

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