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Customisation: Welcome


Customise your rock climbing shoes to your needs.


Increase or decrease the size/fit of your shoe by a quarter to half a size (perhaps more with some shoes). Please write in comments when completing the Online Form.

Note than we can change the overall size of the shoe but not it's shape. Each component of the shoe's dimensions i.e. the length, width and shape, cannot be changed independently of the other components. In other words, we are only able to change the overall size of the shoe. 

Basic size adjustments (when possible) come as part of the service at no extra cost.

Also note that La Sportiva No Edge shoes like the Genius, Futura and Theory can only be resized to a very small extent.


We can make a soft shoe stiffer by adding a thin 1.1mm mid sole for greater edging and foot support on small edges without noticeable loss in senstivity. This is at no extra cost. This is a great option instead of going from a soft rubber to stiffer rubber i.e like changing from  Vibram XS Grip2 to XS Edge. Please advise us when filling out the Online Form.


Choose a softer or stiffer rubber type. Softer means stickier while harder types are more durable or longer lasting.

Otherwise we will replace your old rubber with the same rubber type that your original shoe came with from the factory.

We carry climbing rubber in different colours including black, yellow and blue. Let us know what you prefer when completing the "Online Form". Please see the "Rubber" page for details.

You can select the rubber type when completing the Online Form before sending in your climbing shoes.

Please note for La Sportiva customers, any requested in change rubber type (from the original rubber provided by La Sportiva) means customising a new sole. For customised resole prices please see the Resole Prices page.  


Unfortunately, the heel fit cannot be adjusted without completely rebuilding the shoe. This is possible but may be uneconomical as it is likely to cost similar to the price of a new pair of shoes. We recommend purchasing new shoes with that perfect fit you need.

For those who still need a customised heel to climb due to Haglund's for example, please text us to discuss.  


Toe scum pads (for toe hooking) are are cleaned and glued down normally as part of the resole service at no extra charge. Replacement of La Sportiva scum pads (most models) is $10 per pair.

To send your climbing shoes to us, please visit the "Post In Your Shoes" page and fill out the Online Form.

Customisation: Brands
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Customisation: Image
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