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Rubber: Welcome

We replace your climbing shoe rubber according to

 the factory specifications for each model.

Please let us know if you prefer a harder or softer rubber compound. We are happy to provide alternative options or advise which rubber to place on your climbing shoes.

It does not cost anything extra to change the type of rubber...we supply all rubber at the same price with the resole.

You can select the rubber type when completing the Online Form before sending in your climbing shoes.

Rubber: Services


As an Official La Sportiva resoler, we carry and supply La Sportiva Original Spare Parts (rubber soles) for most of La Sportiva climbing shoe models.

See the La Sportiva Authorised Resoler pageFAQ's page for more information and see the Mountain Equipment article link.


- XS Grip: Original Vibram climbing rubber compound
- XS Grip2: a soft compound rubber for steep routes and smearing problems
- XS Edge: a harder compound for edging and is firm for crack routes


We have various other brands of climbing rubber compounds including:

- Scarpa Vision rubber

- Davos Stick Zero: from Italy, used on some Scarpa models, is a strong rival to Vibram XS Grip2 or it is perhaps better.

- Davos Technostick : very very slightly softer and stickier than Vibram XS Grip2 - comes in blue up to 5mm, yellow 4mm and green 4mm.

- Davos Eco rubber - made of 100% recycled rubber 

- Stealth C4

- Butora Neo Fuse (softer and stickier than Vibram XS Grip2)

- Butora Neo Force (better for edging and comparable to Vibram XS Edge). 

These range from soft and sticky for steep routes or even slabs, to harder and more durable for sharp or small micro edges and is more secure for crack routes.

Climbing rubber comes in a variety of colours - usually black but also yellow or blue for some some rubber types (see above).

When completing the Online Form, please specify if you would like a different rubber type than what came originally from the factory on your shoe model.


We will replace the rubber your shoes came with unless you specify another similar type which can come in a variety of colours: black or in gym friendly non-marking blue (up to 5mm for a longer life) and yellow. These coloured rubber compounds excel on plastic holds in particular. They perform like a soft XS Grip2 and feel very secure on plastic and are manufactured by Davos in Italy (who also provide rubber to Scarpa for some of their brands).


See our "Shoe Care Tips" page and the "Rubber and Climbing Performance" page.

To send your climbing shoes to us, please visit the "Post In Your Shoes" page and fill out the Online Form.



Rubber: Welcome
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